Site Plan

At the 6 Derbyshire property, residents can enjoy several recreational facilities to help rehabilitate the mind, bring back the body, stay close to family or simply enjoy alone time. There is the glimmering swimming pool, great for any beautiful day, and even a spa pool for those who would like to treat themselves to a much-deserved pampering. The state of the art, breathtaking yet tranquil community sky garden is sure to be a favorite spot among many residents. This is a prime amenity that only 6 Derbyshire residents can enjoy. This is a place to find quality family time, relaxing silence or an active stretch any time of day. The children’s playground is another feature that 6 Derbyshire Singapore brings to its residents. This safe, stimulating area is perfect to encourage activity and fun socialization in 6 Derbyshire youth.

The 6 Derbyshire property also provides a nice pavilion open to all residents along with an area for BBQ. This is perfect for gatherings for friends and family, and nice relaxing evenings for delicious food. 6 Derbyshire Singapore wholeheartedly hopes that all residents feel comfortable, at ease and full of enthusiasm about all the benefits they may enjoy at 6 Derbyshire. Please visit the 6 Derbyshire site for more information about floor plans and the complete 6 Derbyshire review and brochure.